Friday, November 9, 2012

Where does the time go?!

I feel like I am always so behind on blogging, but nobody probably reads these- so i'm the only one who actually notices! But seriously, where does the time go?!

First off I just want to start by noting that today has been the 2 year mark of the passing away of Rick. I honestly can't believe it's been two years. Some days it feels like it was just yesterday and other days it feels like it's been 10 years. It's amazing to me to look at how much everyone has grown up and really made so much more out of life. I look at Blake for instance and not just his appearance has drastically changed, but he is so independent and is already DRIVING AND DATING! I'm sure it's more crazy for his brothers, Amy, and Tammy to see him 16! It's weird for me because when I first starting hanging out with Jesse he was as short as I am, high squeaky voice and the shyest little boy ever.. well, at least to me. Now he is so mature, has grown two feet, and is the man of the house now that Justin is getting married next week. Life really does go on, and if you want a great example of growing from your trials and becoming a better person, I have the perfect examples in my life. Rick you sure are missed, but I know you're nothing less than a proud husband and father looking down on your family. Everyday I am reminded of the father that you were to your kids hearing nothing but laughs and heart-felt stories of their hero. I know you're up in heaven preparing our kids (your grandkids) for us, and probably telling them all the stories of the little stinker Jesse was ;)

We sure miss you and love you.

Gone but NOT forgotten.

A little catch up on our lives.

Jesse is working at Wells Fargo as a banker. Definitely not his dream job, but it is a job in these scary times and I'm so grateful for him working so much to provide for us. He is amazing!

I am still working at Paul Mitchell, but taking a little leave trying to get my life back in order. Photography has been going really really good and I'm staying busy. I still love and enjoy it, so that's good! My health problems are still the same. I have good and bad days and i'm still going up north to see my doctor once a month. Still praying they can fix my stomach! It's definitely been a nice break from work to catch up on my life! My house is more clean then ever. It's so crazy how it is so clean one day and the next day it's like a tornado hit.. and we don't even have kids yet! AHH! It's so nice to be able to have dinner ready and the house cleaned before Jesse gets home. It's definitely taken a lot of stress of my life for this month. :) It's also made me want to get going on things I've put off, like food storage and emergency preparedness! I know I really need to get going on that because time's are scary right now. I thought about how scared I am to bring children into this evil corrupted world! Then I thought, our children are prepared for this time and this generation. If we do all we can to teach them the things they need to and give them all the necessities they WILL succeed! Having that thought really made me more confident and even more ready to start a family soon.

Life has been really great though. We learn and grow daily and I am so thankful for all my many blessings.

Here are some recent pictures I had my sister snap while I was shooting her family session.


I'm the luckiest. 

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